• point and click mechanics (move with arrows and click to interact with words and objects)
  • the story is short but there are lots of hidden things

Sometimes a deep sadness comes from nowhere, it starts from nothing ... she looks and searches every part of us .. 

This is a prototype of interactive poetry ... and also a very personal approach to the LD45 theme.

Music and Sound by Jan Barboza


Art by https://www.instagram.com/nataliarrubio/  and Velvetlobster

ps: in case you cannot play, perhaps try any of these other links:



Hope you like it

Any feedback is deeply appreciated


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Hey sorry for using the comments you can delete this afterwards, but is there any place I can contact you, I had a look at your games and I liked what I saw a lot, I think we have common styles and I was wondering if you would be down for a collaboration? 

Hi, sorry for the delay on the answer ... thought I had answered you before ... we definitely can work on something together, heaven knows we do need some help lol ...  I also liked your creation on this last Ludum Dare ... "The Passage" also has a style to it .... please send us a message and we can see what we can work on together, perhaps the best way to contact would be we@cartonboxstudio.com ... please ping us there and we can discuss and brainstorm and see what awesome things we can achieve =) thanks for sending me this message btw