A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This was supposed to be a turn based combat game with strong point and click mechanics with a focus on narrative and story telling.

This was also the first game that we develop as a team. We now see we made some bad choices and underestimated the complexity in all of it, but working on this project was a great learning opportunity for all of us.

We intend to finish it later, but for the purposes of the jam, it is a still an ongoing project.

The idea here is to display a person suffering from body disphoria, as a turn based battle against the one self while looking in the mirror.

The person suffering from disphoria is shown as a strong female character as this person would like to be. In reality though, it's current gender identity expression is seen as a small and sad boy, who is trying to go out to a birthday party.

It has inspirations from games like Child of Light and Walking Dead point and click series.

We really loved this experience and you will see more of our games in near future.


dontSettleForLess-RainbowJam16.app.zip 32 MB
DontSettleForLess.exe 16 MB


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The Windows download is missing the Data folder and does not work.

Ouch! Sorry, the windows version was a bit messy I guess. We will be working on a remake anytime soon btw, we did this project in such a rush and we could not finish it properly.

You should either upload a version that has the data file, or remove the Windows option on this download. I would rather you did the first, I would like to play this.

I don`t know what happened to the windows build... the sad thing is that I really can`t find where I let the source for this to rebuild the windows version again... this was our very first project so we actually did not worry about creating a repository for it =(

Okay, sorry to hear it. I would say remove the Windows download, then, and I will look forward to the remake! :-)